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Empowering the Community of Ealing through Quality Personal Training Instruction

Lose Weight, Avoid Injury and Transform Your Life with Personalised Training

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Personal Training

Our Personal Training program is helping men and women all across our community thrive. We're giving you the chance to take on customized fitness strategies, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits, and hands-on coaching every step of the way.

Semi Private Personal Training

Our Semi-Private Training is all about helping you find success with a customized approach while also surrounding you with a great group of friends and supporters. This program is perfect for groups of 2- 3.

Group Fitness

Take on high-energy workouts and fun Group Fitness training at Fit Life Nation in Ealing. From weight loss to muscle gain to everything in between, our team is committed to making your journey more effective and enjoyable than ever before!

Injury Prevention

Get relief from your discomfort, aches, and pains through effective rehab. Fit Life Nation uses proven techniques for diagnosing and relieving pain -- we can help you overcome injury or defy age. Join us in Ealing and see how our professional staff can help you move better.


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Personalised Fitness Coaching Is The Key To Your Success

Are you tired of the same traditional exercise that leaves you stuck and restricted?
Our holistic coaching program will push you to achieve your goals:

We Understand Why Your Health And Fitness Is So Important


We understand why your health and fitness are important to you! I was inspired to help people get into optimal health and happiness after seeing with my  own two eyes a large number of people suffer from illness because of excessive medication, bad diet, and poor lifestyle choices culminating in pain and disease.

Fit Life Nation was started to help others avoid the same situation while being in the very best health and physical condition possible.  It's my mission for you to be pain-free living life to the fullest!

The Cost

Feeling Tired all the time. Gaining Fat. Aches and pains are cropping up more and more.

You're gaining weight, you're out of breath at the most simplest tasks and you're worried about your current state of health. You want to make a change and perform at the highest level to create the life you want but you've been holding back and putting it off for some time and the situation is getting worse. Isn't it time you look after yourself?


Should I focus on losing some weight before I get started joining the gym?

Heck No! 
The best way to lose some weight is to get some habits in place, get some support around you to be successful and break through those obstacles that have held you back for years.

Is getting a Personal Trainer too expensive?

Definitely Not!

How much is a lack of health costing you the quality of life? How much are you spending on medication and surgeries? And not being able to enjoy life. Frankly when you literally look at the cost of not enjoying your health journey you can't afford not to invest in the most important aspect of your quality of life for the long term. 





Kyla Court

Getting a PT is something I always wanted to try but also always shied away from as I felt very self-conscious. Michael has been my PT for a while now and right at the beginning he made me feel very r...

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Aaliyah Smith

Michael has transformed my physique and my mentality regarding fitness and nutrition and helped me enormously to improve my self confidence. He is more than a personal trainer - friend, nutritionist, ...

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Martyn Horobin

I used Michael not long after I had a stroke and was not able to move well In the last few months he has improved my balance back to normal and where I couldn’t do a single lunge I am now doing ...

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